Grades 5-6
The preteen years are unique. Children enter these years believing and behaving like their families, but then they start believing and behaving more like their peers. This is why we also invite the parents to join our class. We want the Sunday morning faith conversation to set a tone that will help our preteens stay in touch with their faith as they become more independent.

This is a great age, by the way, for a Bible overview. We don’t want Sunday School to give the impression that the Bible is simply a rulebook. In fact, one of the main themes of the Old Testament is that rules cannot really help us become the kind of people God meant us to be. When God’s rules were broken it was evidence that his people that needed fixing. In the Big Picture we want to highlight how the God of the Bible has taken it upon himself to repair broken people, which he accomplishes through his Son and the Holy Spirit.

We want kids and their parents to grasp how deep and wide and broad is the love of God, and how we can know him personally. We will show how the many stories in the Bible form one big story. Each year we rotate between the Old and New Testament, covering the whole Bible in two years. We don’t just try to fit pieces of the Bible’s truth into our lives, we learn to see our lives in the Bible’s Big Picture. With this practical foundation laid early on, students will find it easier to understand and apply the Word of God for the rest of their lives.
Grades 6-8
Ablaze - Middle School
Besides Sunday 9:10am classes(in the Student Center),
we also offer fellowship events and other activities geared just for this age group.
Also offered are Confirmation classes.

Grades 9-12
Abide - High School
Our high school ministry focuses on giving students a strong faith foundation as they prepare to transition to college and adulthood.
We offer lots of opportunity for discussion about "real life" and how they, as Christian students, can impact the lives of others  outside the walls of CTK.  

At 9:10am on Sundays, our students meet in our Student Center for a time of worship, study and conversation.  The CTK Student Center is a stand-alone building located on the south side of the church campus.
Students also have the opportunity to participate in CORE Groups and numerous fun fellowship events throughout the year.
Every summer we also offer  mission trips.