The Big Picture - Grades 5-6

The "Big Picture"

Sunday 9:10am Class

Taught by Pastor Doyle and Jeanine Theimer.  

Sundays at 9:10 a.m. in the Fellowship Hall, for 5th & 6th graders and their families.  Also accessible online by joining Pastor Doyle’s Microsoft Team.

Because of Covid conditions we are expanding our class to include siblings as well as parents of 5th or 6th graders. This fall families may bring younger siblings into the class with them, because families will be seated together rather than separated into age groups. Older siblings will most likely want to be with their peers in Encounter in the Student Center.

Why we have parents with our 5th & 6th graders: The preteen years are unique. Children enter these years believing and behaving as their families, and then transition to believing and behaving more like their peers. By involving parents in the class we hope to provide a foundation for them to help their preteens keep growing in faith as they become more independent.

Why we do a Bible overview at this stage: Many people treat the Bible like it is simply a rulebook. However, one of the main themes of the Old Testament is that rules cannot really help us become the kind of people God meant us to be. Rules support relationships, and when rules are broken it is the relationship that needs fixing. In the Big Picture we want to highlight how the God of the Bible has taken it upon himself to repair relationships with broken people who could not keep all his rules. We want kids and their parents to grasp how deep and wide and broad is the love of God, and how we can know him personally. We will show how the many stories in the Bible form one big story. Each year we rotate between the Old and New Testament, covering the whole Bible in two years. We don’t just try to fit pieces of the Bible’s truth into our lives, we learn to see our lives in the Bible’s Big Picture. With this practical foundation laid early on, students will find it easier to understand and apply the Word of God for the rest of their lives. 

The Big Picture class uses the New Living Bible translation. Wide margin Bibles can be purchased in the class. More and more people are using their cell phones to read the Bible, and that is okay too.


Please contact Pastor Doyle with any questions about this ministry or to request to join the online class.

Social Activities

We plan to have activities about twice a month on alternating Sundays for whole families. We will also be looking for ways for parents to connect to one another.

First Communion Instruction

First Communion classes got postponed when Covid came. Pastor Doyle plans to offer something as soon as he can.

Independent Study First Communion instruction is always an option. This course is formatted as a downloadable Bible study. A student may work independently or with a parent’s assistance. Once the work is completed, contact Pastor Doyle for a follow-up interview.

For Independent Study Document Click Here


Mother/Daughter & Father/Son Retreats (postponed due to COVID-19)

Becoming a man or woman is a process. It accompanies physical maturity and is marked by rites of passage like getting a driver’s license, first date, and graduating from high school. Learning to handle masculinity and femininity in a godly way involves inclusion in the same sex community where one can develop a personal style that reflects his or her heart and to observe how, on the one hand masculine strength can be used to protect and give life, and on the other hand feminine grace can nurture and uphold life. These retreats are but one step in a journey of giving a godly understanding of manhood to our sons and womanhood to our daughters. While these retreats do involve time spent talking about “the facts of life,” the aim is to answer any questions the kids may have without going beyond what it necessary at this stage. Further instruction on godly sexuality will be offered in Confirmation instruction and in High School Student Ministry.


God’s Design for His Daughters (Girls age 10 / 5th and/or 6th Grade)  Dates TBA

In this mother/daughter overnight retreat, mothers learn how to:

         Convey how cherished their daughters are.

         Communicate about changes of adolescence.

         Motivate their daughters to be pure and faithful.

         Keep lines of communication open.

         Speak a blessing while giving a charm bracelet.


God’s Plan for a Man (Boys Age 10 / 5th and/or 6th Grade)  Dates TBA

In this father/son overnight retreat, fathers learn how to:

    Communicate what it means to be man of God.

         Communicate about changes of adolescence.

         Open up channels for future conversations

         Speak a blessing while giving a baton.