Register for Events

  • Because of Covid precautions CTK Childcare will have limited capacity as we return to a fuller schedule of Sunday morning worship and Bible classes. For the time being, advance registration will be required through the web site in order to reserve a place for your child at 8:00 worship, 9:10 education hour, or 10:30 worship.

    Registration will recur on a weekly basis and will open every Tuesday at noon for the following Sunday. If you have questions about childcare please email Michele Cazares, Childcare Director.

  • MOPS at Christ the King is a wonderful group of women supporting one another. In this year of unknown futures and inability to gather as we have in the past, we are going to take MOPS one day, one week and one month at a time. We are going to be creative, mobile and inventive in how we support moms and families. We hope you will register and join us through social distancing (for now) in driveway gatherings, parking lot activities, phone calls and more.

    Click here to learn more or register now.