For kids age 3 to 4th grade

Sunday Mornings

NextGen Kids Sunday  at 9:10am

is a high-energy time of music, praise, learning, and laughter. We begin each week in the gym with singing and dancing for the entire family. We welcome potty-trained 3-year-olds through 4th graders. We have a small group time for parents who choose to stay for the hour where we process the same lesson the kids heard. We talk about how God works through us to bless our children, what God is teaching us through our parenting adventure, and take time to pray for each other.  Questions?  Contact NextGen Kids Director Tamara Lexow.


Always energetic, always about Jesus!

Want to see firsthand the fun and faith-filled children's ministry at Christ the King? Check out a video flashback from our June 2019 Vacation Bible School.

And if you have any questions at all about NextGen Kids please email Tamara Lexow (pictured at right.)

Street Grace Zoom Call

In the video below you will learn how predators work through YouTube, games on phones and tablets, video games, and online communities to target children. The predators are patient and will sometimes invest years in grooming one child. These people are not just the creepy guy in the van that slowly drives through your neighborhood. They are teachers, coaches, clergy, clerks, and even fellow students. They look like friends or family, but they have the evilest intentions for our children. HERE