Just as you received Christ Jesus as Lord continue to live in him, rooted and built up in him, confirmed in the faith as you were taught, and overflowing with thankfulness.

(Colossians 2:6-7)


Confirmation is a milestone in spiritual development when the faith that was received as a child is confirmed by the young teenager.  Learn more about Confirmation here.

At CTK, 7th and 8th graders take part in classes, retreats, and activities to strengthen their identities as God's children so that, with genuine faith in Christ, they may experience peace and joy as a normal part of their lives. With all the pressures and stresses kids face these days, please pray for our objectives to be met. 

Have a child getting confirmed this year? Click here.

For more information about Confirmation, please contact Pastor Doyle Theimer or Students Director Shea Pruhs.

Confirmation Schedule/Make-up Work Links

Make-up lessons are linked to the green-lettered sessions below. 

And all sessions are  7-8:30pm unless noted otherwise.

Sun. Aug. 18 12-12:30pm

Parents Orientation (all parents)

Wed. Aug. 28

Session 1-God the Father

Wed. Sept. 11

Session 2-Creation Q&A

Fri – Sun. Sept. 20-22

RETREAT @ Camp Cho-Yeh: Holy Communion 

(Cost $120) 

Wed. Oct. 9

Session 3: Prayer Scavenger Hunt

Wed. Oct. 23

Session 4: God the Son

Wed. Nov. 6

Session 5: Christ, Trinity, Holy Spirit

Wed. Nov 20

Session 6: Holy Spirit, Church

Tues. Dec 3

Advent & Christmas Service Project (parent attendance) 

Wed. Jan. 8



“What’s God Been Saying to You Lately?”


“A Teenage Home Where Everybody Wins …

… and nobody kills each other”

Registration available soon

Wed. Jan. 22

Session 7: Lord’s Prayer (1)

Wed. Feb. 19

Session 8: Lord’s Prayer (2)

Because of Ash Wednesday and Lent Soup Suppers and Worship Confirmation is moved to Tuesdays from here until the conclusion of Confirmation

TueMar. 3

Session 9: Lord’s Prayer (3)

TueMar. 17

Session 10: Lord’s Prayer (4)

Tue. Mar. 31

7th Grade

Session 11: Lutheran History and Background (1)

8th Grade

Review for the Written Exam & Pictures

Wed. Apr. 8

7th Grade

Session 12: Luther History and Background (2)

8th Grade

Written Exam

Wed. Apr. 15 (8th Grade)

Reception, Spiritual Encouragement & Rehearsal

Sun. Apr 19

Confirmation Sunday